As Above So Below

Little Black Diamond x Disco Lemonade

Little Black Diamond Collab

"As Above, So Below"

Collaboration Collection

As Above, So Below is based on sacred geometry & Hermetic law; a concept I began exploring with my obsession with artist Alex Grey & the band TOOL. It’s meaning stems from the concept of duality & that earthly matters directly reflect the astral plane, implying that the visible stars in the sky are linked to life on earth. Essentially we are all connected. :) In terms of tarot, we chose to name our pieces after tarot cards: the Magician, the Empress & the High Priestess. Each tarot card has a unique meaning & we chose cards that we felt reflected the colorways on each piece. The use of multiple colors create a multifaceted design that can be worn multiple ways, which metaphorically represents a tarot card facing upright, versus the reversed side.


Little Black Diamond Disco Sets