There has been quite the epidemic in fraudulent Disco Lemonade websites across the internet. We are constantly working with our legal team to have them removed as quickly as possible. Please be aware the only place you can purchase Disco Lemonade is through this shop directly (Worldwide Shipping Except Canada) and our sister store House of Disco (Canada Shipping Only). If you see a website selling our products at an extremely discounted price, please know these are fraudulent scam sites and will not ship you an authentic Disco Lemonade piece.

The only other collaboration sites selling authentic Disco Lemonade are Little Black Diamond & Disco x Lux.

Please be careful while searching for Disco Lemonade products online, there are evil scammers out there trying to scam innocent disco queens!

Ways to check the authenticity of your Disco Lemonade piece:

☆ Mushroom Tag with Disco Lemonade inside Cap ☆

☆ Old School Black Rectangular Disco Lemonade (Silver Font) Tag ☆

If you are ever unsure of the authenticity of a second-hand Disco Lemonade piece, please feel free to email us at and our team can verify for you!