*・༓☾ Welcome to the Disco Realm ☽༓・*

Every Disco Lemonade creation is designed and sewn by muahh! My name is Emily, but plZz call me Lem :)

Every piece radiates it very own special energy, unique & catered to all my colorful pixie creaturez! 

My goal as a designer and creator, is to make every one of you feel like a rocket full of confetti was just super blasted from your aura & spread across multiple dimensions. I want to make you feel like a rare beautiful gem found in the darkest depths of the ocean, sparkling among all the darkness.

Metaphors on metaphors ladies & gents! But I am telling you, this is how you will feel. You will feel unstoppable and breathtaking because Y O U are.  

Witnesses will be glancin’ at you twice hunniieZZZzz, you will truly be the L I G H T of the night & the most gorgeous butterfly on the dancefloor.

How it all began…

✧ We Wear The Pants 

Disco Lemonade began as a senior project to complete my Art & Design degree and the creation of the Original Pussy Pant to spread awareness of issues regarding women/men and their sexuality.

I took inspiration from first and second wave feminist artists, I striving to bring forth issues that are more prevalent today when it comes to the oversexualization of women and the inability to truly reclaim the female body. The grey area between the power of the female nude versus the objectification of a naked body raises a lot of questions about contemporary society.

Through the creation of the Pussy Pant, I wanted to bring awareness to these issues, in order to comment on how mass media has brainwashed society, hindering our ability to truly see a woman for her morality and intelligence, resulting in only seeing her for her idealized beauty. I wanted to point out gender roles and how their existence is not only another example of how our brains have been molded by society, but they have created a false reality of what is valuable, beautiful or desirable.

I wanted people to wear these statement pieces to create a sense of uneasiness with not only what they see, but the questions the clothes may bring up. My goal was to bring forth underlying issues that many choose to ignore on a day-to-day basis, and consequently force them to think about how society has come to this.

After the Pussy Pants, I began exploring festival wear by designing lil pieces for myself creating my very first Goddess Shawl in 2016 for Lightning in a Bottle ⚡️Eventually enough babes were asking for customs, I opened up the Disco Shop. After many years of exploring new designs & working with different fabrics, I knew this was my calling: to make FAIRY ARMOR for all the Goddesses.

✨ I am the fairy godmother you never knew you had, here 2 make all your fairy dreamz come true! ✨ Sending so much love & abundance your way!

<3 Lem