We will be bringing tons of one of a kind pieces and restocks to Electric Forest 2023. We wanted to have previews for you babes, but unfortunately it's a bit too complicated while we upload our inventory to our shop! Make sure to have your notifications turned on for your socials to see the new pieces will be bringing with us!

We will be restocking these pieces in a variety of sizes:

Fairy Dust, Forest Fairy, Jasper, Radiant Fae, Diet Mountain Dew, Solitary Daze, Sapphire, Emerald Goddess Set, Obsidian Goddess Set, Absinthe, Hallucinogen, California Sunshine, Labryinto, Mercy, Raven, Sky, Fairy Dust Potion, A $ E 2.5, Sun in Your Eyes, Ambiance, Jade of Fae & Queen Fairy Goth.

New one of a kinds will include halter tops, shawls, new babydolls in all sizes, Tainted Threads x Disco Lemonade in all sizes, disco chaps, disco sets & so much more!!